Coronaviruses - how to beat them​​

The science behind virus and bacteria eradication - what we recommend and how it all works

Coronaviruses - what are they?

August 2020

So we have all heard an abundance of information on Coronavirus - but what do we really need to know? If you are a business or organisation you want to keep your company safe  - that's your staff, the environment your staff work in and your customers - then you need to read on. 

Coronaviruses are a family of viruses, like SARS, MERS and others like the Flu or common cold and the latest - COVID-19, Coronaviruses typically attack the respiratory system. 
Any virus can be spread most easily through touch and water droplets from the infected party which can transfer through coughs, sneezes and through speaking.
If the droplets are then on the surfaces around the infected party, or if that person touches a clean surface, that surface becomes contaminated and poses a risk for those who are healthy - including babies, adults and animals.

What can remove a contaminated surface from a virus or bacteria?

August 2020

Many believe that simply cleaning the area with bleach will do the trick, but unfortunately this method can miss a lot of the contamination - not to mention be harmful for the one cleaning with it as well as those using those surfaces afterwards! 

By spraying, wiping or fogging with the products JM Cleaning Solutions Ltd recommends, the cells found in bacteria and viruses can be eradicated with little effect on the day to day running of your business. The process is swift, taking only a few minutes and leaves no residue behind, so is considered safe for both humans and the surrounding environment.​

The products we recommend using are non-poisonous, non-irritating to the eyes, skin and lungs and would cause no issues with inhalation over long periods – which many bleach based disinfectants can. We also recommend products which cause the least amount of harm to the environment - ensuring we are keeping as green as possible as we clean!

Now more than ever we are being made aware of the harm that bacteria and viruses, which cling to surfaces and the environment we live in, is doing. Most cannot be killed by the everyday cleaning chemicals and in fact do need a more thorough cleanse to ensure they are eradicated. Cross contamination from touch and contamination via water droplets are the quickest and easiest ways for these microorganisms to spread. It is therefore imperative that systems such as the spraying or fogging of these positively charged microbials is conducted to reduce as much spread as possible.

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What is spraying and fogging and why is it recommended?

August 2020

Spraying and Fogging may seem like new fads but have actually been around for years already. Many other sectors of business use these machines with great success- for example spraying paint. 

The idea behind spraying and fogging is that the product can be spread across a large area in an even distribution and reach the nooks and crannies that might often get missed - like on soft furnishings or between keys on a keyboard.

Spraying and fogging takes minimal time to do and can often be dried and the business back to usual within as little as 10 minutes! 

There are two main types of products we recommend are safe for children and animals, containing zero poisonous chemicals and zero bleach!

We even have a star product which can be sprayed and last for up to 30 days! to find out more click here

For further information about our prices for fogging and spraying please see our SERVICES page