So what do we use to kill viruses and bacteria?

Recom​mended product #1

One of our recommended products is a hospital grade disinfectant. It is less synthetic than most regular cleaners and is in fact made from living organisms. These products are 100% safe for children, animals and the environment and are not harmful to those deploying it. It can be used by spraying or fogging but also as an everyday wipe.​

This chemical-free and non-toxic product has been used in medical settings since before the first world war and is still used globally in medical facilities today as it has no irritating side- effects and is most effective at killing off bacteria and viruses.​

The organisms it is made from are produced within humans and are what we use within our immune system to fight deadly diseases. It is a more effective disinfectant than the alcohol based products which are widely accessible and useful for everyday cleans but not effective at attacking the spores from bacteria. It is also 80-100 times more effective than bleach.​

This may be the most effective product on the market at present and can be used multiple times without harm for instant kill rate.​

Recommended product #2

The most robust product we recommend is one made up of anti-microbial molecules which are released into the atmosphere and create bonds on surfaces of positively charged microscopic spikes which attract and burst pathogens. These positively charged layers of spikes are fully functioning with continuous protection for up to 30 days and can work alongside regular cleaning products ensuring that other nasty microorganisms are kept at bay.​

This product is synthetic but contains no alcohol or bleach so is safe for humans, furniture and the rest of the surrounding environment. We can offer a regular fog or spray to your premises and even supply the foam hand sanitisers to your staff which once applied at the beginning of the day can last on skin, without harm, for 24 hours – even with regular hand washing and cleaning taking place.​

For spraying or fogging with this product, we do request the environment must be clear of humans and animals upon deployment by our professionals.​

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Coronaviruses are not new to the human race, but the techniques we are using the eradicate them are. If you want more information on what products we use and how they work please do contact us for more information.